BMW Introduces New Racing Safety Vehicle i8 Formula E

Even though the race cars are attractive, the security vehicles in the races do not have their own attraction. Whether it’s performance or elegance, the new BMW i8 Formula E safety car marks all the boxes.

BMW’s new racing safety vehicle, as in the company’s Formula E vehicles, has blue and white colors. On the top of the car there is a big light bar to attract the attention of the racers and put advertisements on the sponsors. Front splitter and rear spoiler. These make the i8 feel at home and give the vehicle a more aggressive and sporty look.

The cover on the rear of the vehicle is made using special design carbon fiber. On the inside there are four-point seat belts and M4 GTS seats. BMW also used carbon ceramic units on the brakes. The i8 Formula E, which also features a sports chassis, is also equipped with other small reinforcements by BMW.

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