Cyber Attacks With Whatsapp Started Again

The cyber-attack method, which has been used extensively in recent years, has recently started to increase again.

Cyber security experts are very familiar with Muddy Water. For those who do not know, let’s explain immediately. Muddy Water is a hacker group that sends cyber attacks, especially hacking government agencies and companies’ e-mail addresses, and sending malicious software to their “Office” files. As soon as you open these files to your e-mail addresses, the system they have installed is activated and can cause great damage to the targeted system with this method.

The group had previously hacked many systems using different software. After a while, as a result of the work done by cyber security experts, the methods were understood and counter programs were developed. In recent days, especially if Austria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Turkey to intense cyber attack carried out in countries such as Russia it has also been added. Authorities, Muddy Water group developed methods of attack and they are using more sophisticated software, unknown sources, Whatsapp or e-mail from the “word” files do not open you definitely do not open.

Considering the geopolitical position of the countries that are targeted by the attacks, it is thought that the target of the group will be to give more serious damages. In the content of the messages, it is seen that the headlines contain important information that attracts the attention of people. We, as the forthtechno team, advise you to be more attentive to this kind of sharing that can be delivered to you these days.

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