Gang Beasts Come for Xbox Users in the New Year

Many games will be released in the new year. This news will please Xbox users. The Gang Beasts game is also running for Xbox in January, after other platforms with multiplayer feature.

While today’s gamers are focusing heavily on games with high-budget production such as “Call of Duty”, due to the content shortage of Xbox users, situations on this platform can be slightly different. Due to the limited content of the Xbox Store, the users of the console are highly interested in the new games.

In the first month of the new year, there is good news for Xbox One users. On January 23, there will be many entertaining games called “Gang Beasts”. The game is already on the PlayStation 4, Windows, Mac, Linux platforms.

With the new year, Xbox users will be able to experience this different fighting experience. The sale price of the game was $ 19.99 but it was announced that there would be a twenty percent discount on early orders.

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