LG Announces No Collaborative Telephone Business

Recently, we hear the announcements of foldable telephones. While Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and other companies are expected to launch their folding devices recently, LG does not think so.

LG said it was still too early to produce foldable telephones, although we were amazed by the television that could become a roll in CES. Brian Kwon, head of LG Electronics’ mobile and TV division, said at a press conference in Seoul:

“In January, LG introduced a rollable television at CES. This technology is one step ahead of foldable technology. Even though we’ve also considered making a foldable phone during our plans to take the 5G phone, we chose not to do that. The smartphone market is about 1 million products LG’s main goal here is to solve problems and regain their place in the market, even though we are fully prepared to produce a foldable phone, it is not logical to do so without regaining the market. ”

Considering the fact that foldable devices are still very new and technology is not known exactly what it is, it seems quite right that LG wants to spend money and wait. While the company has been filing patent applications for foldable devices for years, focusing on “standard” smartphones can help restore market share.

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