Resident Evil History Perhaps The Most Terrible Game Error: From Two Grains X

Resident Evil 2: Remake, which has made its mark on the last 1 month, has discovered an interesting bug that has the potential to freeze your blood.

Turkey angered by players in the Steam price of 100% in one day zamlan Resident Evil 2: The Remake, beside an almost perfect game of this weakness. Great graphics, a terrifying atmosphere, and an unexpectedly perfect optimization from the CAPCOM.

The game’s owners are still enjoying the Resident Evil 2: Remake, and terrifying everyone in the original game. The redesigned version of X continues to be a problem for players. However, in the game, many Resident Evil 2 suffered from severe fear of ALT-F4. There is something more terrible than X: X.

Simply put, if you normally pass a space, Mr. You’re getting rid of X. However, when moving to another location, STARS office, Mr. You’re keeping X in a position like this, X’s output is triggered as well as haunting your previous one.

With the video above, you can see the error that allows you to meet two Mr.X’s and even if you have a perfectly masochistic structure, you can see how.

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