Samsung Foldable Phone Galaxy F, Appear When It’s Introduced

LetsGoDigital shares the most realistic concept design of the Samsung foldable smartphone so far.

LetsGoDigital, South Korean technology giant Samsung’s first foldable smartphone, the new concept design images for Galaxy X or Galaxy F shared images. The biggest difference between the new shared images and the previous concept designs is that it is based on the introductory video shared by the official Samsung Vietnam YouTube channel.

The foldable smartphone, shown in SDC 2018, was a little disappointing for those who were eagerly waiting for a foldable smartphone with both framed screen design and thickness. The video shared by Samsung Vietnam has caused an excitement for the foldable smartphone.

Referring to this video, LetsGoDigital shows us how the foldable smartphone, which we don’t know exactly, will be much thinner and much more stylish than the prototype shown in SDC 2018. The screen frames are as thin as a standard flagship. In addition, the thickness of the device is significantly improved according to the prototype.


On the outside of the foldable Samsung smartphone, there will be an 840 × 1960 pixel-resolution 4.58-inch display that makes it possible to use it when the device is folded. When the device is switched on, a huge screen with a resolution of 1536 × 2152 QXGA + will be displayed. So you’ll literally be combined with your tablet experience, smartphone experience.

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